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"Once upon a time there were banks that served the poor. Government structured banks for that purpose — government gave banks cheap money and protection against failure partly in exchange for their providing a place to deposit money, earn interest and get credit, along with economic stability, for everyone. Financial innovation, increased competition and deregulation changed all that: the period of dramatic transformation left the poor and working class without services, as banks came under competitive pressure."

Mehrsa Baradaran How the other half banks: Exclusion, Exploitation, and the Threat to Democracy


Currently, there are over 2 billion people working globally who have limited or no access to basic banking services forcing them to rely on more expensive, in some cases even risky, alternative financial services.

Unbanked consumers live in a dangerous financial world. A lack of access to basic banking services leaves them open to risks of theft, fraud and loss. And by using Alternative Financial Service Providers, they also fall prey to expensive predatory products that make it even harder for them to achieve financial security.

Financial inclusion has become a business problem in addition to a social problem, as regulators and consumer advocates increase pressure on financial institutions to change the way they serve lower income consumers.

The IBank Approach

We propose a new solution that was developed through extensive empirical research and a deep understanding of financial product economics harvested from our decades of industry experience.

Our new approach to banking considers the needs, the capabilities and limitations of all stakeholders and provides a massive social benefit that will better meet the needs of the financially disenfranchised and provide significant benefits to the economy at-large.

We accomplished this by rethinking the dynamics of banking. By reducing friction, eliminating most costs and redirecting others, IBank can eliminate from commerce the billions of dollars in needless middle-man fees and return those savings into the pockets of the producers and the consumers.


There is certainly no shortage of startups attempting to disrupt the global banking system. But they are only nibbling at the most profitable pieces like payments and overseas transfers and ignoring the root problem. There is not one fintech startup that we are aware of that has tackled the challenge of basic transactional banking. Our job was clear: Design an easy to deploy, simple to use method of providing basic, affordable, transactional banking services to billions of consumers regardless of their financial status, physical location or access to technology.


We designed the IBank Network in a way that would make it simple to use and accessible to nearly anyone, nearly anywhere in the world – and not just those consumers with an existing bank account or smart phones, or the ability to access the Internet. The patent-pending IBank Network can best be described as a “Financial Ecosystem” where Merchants act as a “branch” of IBank where consumers can Deposit or Withdraw Funds from their IBank Account, Pay Bills, Transfer Funds to Savings and Send or Receive Funds Transfers from other members – even if they are overseas and hold funds in another currency.

What is IBank?

You could call us the world's first "Un-bank". No matter where you live and regardless of your financial situation. IBank is the only global, cloud-based bank with the services and features you need and expect from a traditional bank - and some features you'd never expect a bank could provide. And without the need for Internet connections or smart mobile devices.
And the best feature of all: NO FEES

  • Send & Receive Money Internationally
  • Pay For Purchases In Any Currency
  • Open An IBank Savings Account
  • No Internet, No Smartphone Required
  • Bank Where You Shop

IBank will change the way you think about banking.

With decades of experience in the Financial Services Industry, our Team built IBank specifically to meet the needs of the under-served.

Half of the world's working adults, over 2 billion people, have no access to basic banking services. A typical un-banked family with an income of $20,000 will spend over $1,100 annually on alternative financial services - the equivalent of 8 weeks worth of groceries.

Low to Moderate Income consumers are being systematically excluded from the global financial system. There's talk of "disruptive innovation" and billions of dollars are being poured into new technologies, yet research indicates that only a small percentage of consumers and businesses are actually benefiting.

IBank is helping the world's financially under-served and un-banked to participate in the global economy by providing cost-free essential banking services when and where they are needed the most.

Over 240 million migrant workers sent an estimated $500 billion overseas in 2017 - and that amount is growing. Over 65% of those remittances were sent via brick and mortar establishments like Western Union and MoneyGram.

Global Cross-border Remittances represent an enormous opportunity for IBank to improve the lives of migrant workers by offering No Fee Remittances at competitive exchange rates.

The IBank No Fee Remittance product is a windfall for consumers who will spend an average of one week's pay to send money back home to family and friends.

Many small merchants - particularly "micro-merchants" - are unwilling or unable to obtain merchant bank card accounts due to the high fees. Occasionally merchants may actually lose money on a sale if a consumer uses a high-fee credit card to purchase a low-profit item.

With IBank, merchants and consumers can exchange value electronically, instantly and in most of the world's currencies without any of the traditional bank card processing fees. Now, even micro-merchants can reap the benefits of accepting electronic payments - and IBank offers features that are generally only found on more expensive POS systems.

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