Banking is essential. Banks are not. -Bill Gates

Why choose IBank?

There Are Lots Of Reasons. If you lack access to basic banking services, for whatever reason, opening an IBank Account could be one of the most important decisions you'll ever make toward your financial independence.

Navigating today's digital economy without basic banking services can be an expensive and frustrating proposition. And if you happen to be one of the unconnected - no Internet access or smart mobile device - your options are even more limited.

Fees for alternative Financial Services like Prepaid Debit Cards, Money Orders and Wire Transfer Services like Western Union and MoneyGram can end up costing far more than typical bank fees. And paying bills by mail means month after month of postage fees.

Free yourself from the needless and burdensome bank and alternative service costs with a NO FEEIBank Account.

Send & Receive Money Instantly

Domestically or Internationally, Instant Transfer to other IBank Members. No Transaction Fee and Competitive Foreign Exchange Rates. Cash pick-up at any Authorized IBank Merchant.

Pay for Goods & Services

Use your IBank SmartCard to purchase goods and services just like a traditional bank Debit Card. But unlike traditional bank cards, you can pay in most all popular currencies with no Foreign Transaction Fees - a huge saving for Frequent Travelers.

Start Your Nest Egg With an IBank Savings Account

The need to save for that Rainy Day expense is something that everyone can understand. But cookie jars and mattresses are no place for those precious emergency funds.

Access Your IBank Account Where You Shop

Every Authorized IBank Merchant is a "Branch". Use your IBank SmartCard to Check Balances, Make Deposits, Transfer Funds and Make Payments - right where you do your shopping. Doesn't that make more sense?

Are you ready to declare your Financial Freedom?

Start enjoying the Features & Benefits of Your IBank Account as soon as tomorrow!