Investor Relations

Committed to developing truly innovative products
for the Financial Services Industry

We made the commitment early on that there would be no compromises and no trade-offs. If we couldn’t develop a product that would substantially improve the quality of life for vast numbers of people, we wouldn’t bother.

I believe we have lived up to that commitment.

- Steven Rosamilia CEO, IMEX USA

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We believe that an informed, constructive dialogue between the Board and shareholders is important to improving corporate governance.

In accordance with our Shareholder Communication Policy we will focus on open communication and fair disclosure, with emphasis on the integrity, timeliness and relevance of the information provided. We will fully disclose information in accordance with the continuing obligations of the stock exchanges on which we are, or may be listed. We will ensure information is communicated accurately and in such a way as to avoid confusion and/or misinterpretation.

In pursuit of these goals we have developed a Shareholders Portal in which current shareholders have access to important documentation and the ability to communicate with the Board of Directors. Access to the Portal is restricted to Current Shareholders of Record and requires registration.

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Our Leadership

Our Management and Advisory Teams bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and leadership to IBank. Our team is focused on strengthening our ability to grow into a major global operation that will service the needs of our customers, create value for our shareholders and provide exciting opportunities for our current and future employees.

Our Strategy

The Financial Services industry is changing at an unprecedented pace as a result of new technologies. However, as in any evolving marketplace, some will be left behind. We have focused our efforts on serving the under-served - the un-banked and the unconnected. Contrary to what many believe, if allowed to participate, those consumers represent significant buying power.

Our Values

Our values are a big part of what makes IMEX a great company. We firmly believe that a company can "Do well by doing good" - and that philosophy is the foundation of our core values. Along with Integrity, Accountability and Passion we have created a culture where ideas can thrive and great things can be achieved for the benefit of those less fortunate.

Our Offices

IMEX is a global company and we are constantly expanding our reach.

Our Headquarters and North America Operations are located in New York at: 31 W. 34th Street, NY 10001
Phone: +1 973.614.1000

Our EU Operations are located in Cork, Ireland at: North Point House New Mallow Road
Phone: +353 1.513.6819

Our Asia Operations are located in Seoul, South Korea at: GeoPyeong Town - Suite 413 Nonhyeon-dong 203-1 Gangnam-gu 06121
Phone: +82 2.6253.1151

Steven Pickrum

VP Investor Relations

Steven Pickrum is honorably discharged veteran from the United State Air force. After serving his country Steve learned the oil business from the oil field to the board room. Steve was responsible for raising millions of dollars in direct participating projects in Canada, Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. Steve was founding partner of Texas Alliance Resources, Inc. sold in 1987. In 1988 started Deltex Minerals, Inc. purchasing properties in East Texas which are still economically producing properties today. Steve was president of ASB Groupe owned by Ahmed Bugshan. Steve was responsible for production sharing contract for 38000 Square kilometers in Islamic Republic of Mauritania.

Steve has been VP of Investor Relations for IMEX since joining the company’s Ireland subsidiary in 2012, moving back to the US in 2015, he is now working out of our corporate headquarters in New York.

Steve and his wife Monika have two teenage daughters Rebeka and Michelle.