Who We Are

We have built our firm around people with key characteristics that enable us to provide the stewardship necessary to implement a plan of this magnitude. Our management and technology teams are comprised of experienced professionals, each with a significant ownership stake and unique qualifications.

What We Do

IBank is helping the world’s financially under-served and un-banked to participate in the global economy by providing cost-free essential banking services when and where they are needed the most. IBank is a revolution in the way people will conduct their banking in the foreseeable future.

Why We Do It

What we’re doing is important. Providing solutions for the growing problems of the financially disenfranchised is a worthwhile endeavor. Our responsibility to our investors is equally important and we believe the two go hand in hand - ours is an opportunity to do well by doing good.

Meet The IBank Team

Steven Rosamilia
+1 973.614.1000
Jeff Grossman
CEO IMEX Ireland
+1 973.614.1000
Peter Romilly
COO IMEX Ireland
+1 973.614.1000
+1 973.614.1000
Steven Pickrum
VP Investor Relations
+1 973.614.1000
Dr. Victor Der
+1 973.614.1000
Yoon Kim
+1 973.614.1000
Vincent Commisa
VP Compliance
+1 973.614.1000
Sehyun Ji
VP Operations, Korea
+1 973.614.1000
Dr. David Chaum
Technology Advisor
+1 973.614.1000
Paul Hynek
+1 973.614.1000
Christian Montagna
Dir. Media Relations
+1 973.614.1000

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