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Recent FAQs

Are there restrictions on how much I can deposit and withdraw?

There are no restrictions on deposits unless they are cash deposits; in which case they would be subject to local regulations. Withdrawals made at a merchant location are subject to the cash availability of that merchant. Transferring funds from your IBank Account to another bank is also subject to daily transfer limitations which are imposed by regulations that differ by jurisdiction. Generally, those limits are much higher than the average balances held by most consumers.

How do I set up a direct deposit?

In order to set up a direct deposit you will need to give the Payor your IBank Account details. Call or visit us online to receive additional instructions on setting up Direct Deposit.

How do I send funds to another member without a smart phone or Internet?

Your IBank SmartCard is all you will ever need to access your IBank Account. Every authorized IBank Merchant is equipped with technology to allow you to access your account and conduct basic services like Deposits and Withdrawals; Sending Funds to and Receiving Funds from another member; Transferrring from your Current to Savings Account and generally just to check your balances. However, there are features that are only accessible from a smart mobile device or Internet connected PC - such as the Merchant Locator. But you can always call us 24/7 to answer any of these questions.

Are there restrictions on how much money I can send or receive?

Each country has different regulations and limitations and we follow those regulations implicitly. You can check by logging into "My IBank" or at any authorized merchant who will advise you of the sending and receiving limitations.

What countries can I send money to, or receive money from?

We are expanding our network to new countries as rapidly as possible. Check back with us frequently to find out which countries have been added or subscribe to our Newsletter and receive updates on our progress.